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Open Tabs Podcast

Open Tabs at Dolce Fleur

Hey everyone, hope your week is starting off Dolce. 

We’re excited to announce our new podcast, Open Tabs @ Dolce Fleur!

The idea for this podcast came from a zoom conversation that I had with some friends at the beginning of the lockdown.  We talked for hours and while we were zooming, we were also looking up topics on our computers.

At the end, one of my friends did a screen share to show us an item she was talking about.  We realized that our whole conversation was on the screen in the form of open tabs on her browser.  Immediately, another friend sent us a picture she had colored while on quarantine that fit the sip and chat theme. 

And that’s how Open Tabs was born.  We talk, we sip, we search.  

The podcast is going to “open a tab” via drinks - doesn’t have to be alcohol, you can be at a coffee bar ;-) - and we’re going to “open a tab” into a search engine. 

What are you sipping on today?  What have you been searching online?  What topics are you thinking about lately? 

Here at Dolce Fleur Beauty isn’t Canceled - we encourage self care everyday.  

How can our guests self care and encourage self care for others?

Our very first episode is going to be about education with a NYC school administrator and educator. 

Here’s the link:

If you have any idea for topics, let us know in the comments below!  

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