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DIY Paper Towel Mask

I Don't Have Time for a Spa Night!                                   Try Again Busy Lady!                                                                                                        Use this handy tutorial to quickly                       rejuvenate your face...

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A Month of Self Care from Dolce Fleur

Be intentional about your self care.  Enjoy this free calendar of self care tips for each day!

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Open Tabs @ Dolce Fleur - Our Podcast!

Open Tabs Podcast

Hey everyone, hope your week is starting off Dolce.  We’re excited to announce our new podcast, Open Tabs @ Dolce Fleur! The idea for this podcast came from a zoom conversation that I had with some friends at the beginning of the lockdown.  We talked for hours and while we were zooming, we were also looking up topics on our computers. At the end, one of my friends did a screen share to show us an item she was talking about.  We realized that our whole conversation was on the screen in the form of open tabs on her browser. ...

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Quarantine Left you Feeling Uninspired? Here are 5 Ways to Escape the Rut

Quarantine Left you Feeling Uninspired?  Here are 5 Ways to Escape the Rut

Being cooped up in the house for a few days is hard when you have a cold; staying home for 6 months to avoid getting the worst cold in the world is super difficult.  At the beginning of the pandemic, some of us were inspired to complete home projects we never got to, read that book that's been on the shelf, and generally give attention to things we couldn’t if things were normal.  That’s hard to sustain.  Now that we’re heading into fall, we need some re-inspiration - something to pull us out of the ‘rona funk we’re in.  Here are...

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Welcome to Intentional @ Dolce Fleur

Intentional @ Dolce Fleur - We're here!


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