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When you think of sustainability, what comes to mind?
Maybe recycling your bottles to ensure that our earth and oceans aren't being destroyed by pollution. Maybe shopping with retailers that have stated a commitment to using renewable packaging or using recycled materials in their products.
Radical Thought: Do you think of yourself, or your thinking, as a renewable resource?
Just like most things in the world that are heading down Sustainability Way - your social/emotional self care needs to be sustainable.
I'm not just talking about your cotton face masks or organic bath products, but the way you think and act.
What am I talking about? Well, here we go.

Your Social Self Care

Social Self Care is one of the 5 pillars of self care that is discussed here regularly. How does social self care manifest itself?

  • Surround yourself with positive people who have your best interests at heart.
  • Address any issues or problems right away so that they don’t build up.
  • Give and receive love, kindness, and support.
Spend time with people you care about and who care about you.
Social Self Care involves other people and the feedback/support they give you can be a balm and a boost to you, especially when you're feeling down or low.
As humans we have an innate need to congregate and feel a part with others that genuinely support us and motivate us to be well and do better. Nurturing that support system via give-and-take is a part of your intentional self care.
But, let's look at a hypothetical (potentially real) scenario: you're at a crossroads in your life and you're letting go of old friends, trying to make new ones, and your social support system is in flux.
What do you do when you need someone to buck you up? Who can be your sounding board? What do you do if no one is around or is unwilling to support you?

Your Sustainable Self Reliance for Self Care

Hi - I'd like to introduce you - to YOU. I think YOU would be good at encouraging YOU to keep going and reach your goals.
Quelle surprise!
Guess what? You, and your positive attitude about yourself, are renewable resources.
Receiving and giving support are wonderful manifestations of caring and feeling cared for - but what happens when you're tired and so is your support system? We all have priorities, and you have to understand - when you're taking intentional time to self care (a priority), that means you aren't providing support to people who need you.
Reliance on others for support is not sustainable - it can be exhausted at a point. You have to be your own renewable self care resource so you can push forward - with no loving shove from the people you expect to be there.
If no one is around to give you a confidence jolt - what happens to you? Are you stagnant? are you in a state of limbo? Are you filled with a listlessness that defies explanation?!
For your emotional self care, you must be able to provide yourself with the needed boost to continue on and reach the heights you aspire to. Over my years of searching for support and it not being there when I needed it, I came up with a saying - "No one is coming, save yourself."
The point being, stop waiting at the windowsill like Rapunzel waiting for someone to rescue you - rescue yourself.
Here's an infographic that emphasizes the point:

Your Part in Renewable Self Care

Just like recycling to keep the earth healthy - It's all up to YOU. Self Care is about recognizing what you need and doing what needs to be done to replenish YOU.
I'm not talking about being the only impetus that keeps you going - although, that is a solar-powered battery that won't run out.
I'm talking about the ability - the resilience- to keep trucking despite being the only person on the road and having to do repairs yourself when you break down.
Self Care is you becoming a more self-sufficient and self-reliant person.
Here's a bonus: the more self sufficient, self reliant, and empowered by self care person you become , the more people will be drawn to you, and your social support structure will flourish.
Your social self care structure will grow and you can expand with the growth. Just make sure that you can sustain the growth internally and sustainably - YOU are the most important part in your renewable self care.
You are the sustenance in your self care.
Is your Self Reliance and Emotional Self Care Sustainable? Let us know - Leave a Comment below!
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